How many times can you whiten teeth?

How many times can you whiten teeth? - By Cocobaci Oil Pulling

Many of us long for that sparkling Hollywood smile. It’s a well-known fact that it instantly makes you look younger and refreshed. A question that often comes up is how many times can you actually whiten teeth. Let’s look at that a bit closer.

How would you prefer to whiten teeth, natural or bleaching? Leave a comment below!

The debate is always intense about whether you should use chemical or natural products to whiten your teeth. Therein lies the key question about is it safe to do often or should you give it a break.

When using chemical bleaches, although effective, they can create quite a bit of sensitivity in the mouth. Some types, especially when left on the teeth for too long, can cause gum inflammation and an acute sensitivity when hot or cold comes in contact with your pearly whites. It can even leave your gums discolored, at least for a few days.

Natural teeth whiteners do take longer to achieve that white and glistening smile. The upside of using these types of products is that you can use them as often as you like. This can mean that you can achieve your stain-free smile and keep it! Chemical bleaches can be so sensitizing to some, that don’t want to try it again. If you don’t know your options, it can be quite a let down when the results start to disappear.

It is also a possibility that you can bleach again soon, but usually, a 6-month gap is recommended. Your lifestyle also plays a big role in whether your whitening will last. If you consume a diet high in foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, curries or smoke, you will add again to the stain build up.

cocobaci-before-and-after-image4Our tried and tested method is natural but yields visible results, without the sensitivity. Cocobaci natural teeth whitening results can be seen within 4 uses, although some can see an immediate effect.

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3 thoughts on “How many times can you whiten teeth?

  1. Silvia Harris says:

    i would much rather stick to natural – maintenance options. Cocobaci is a great solution fro me and my stapled diet of red wine and coffee (at least oil pulling balances it out somehow)

  2. Liora Dayan says:

    can one’s teeth ever be white enough? i might sound like a snob, but i am repelled by stained teeth.
    i have been a fan of oil pulling for years, and a traveling job. I am so glad i found your product, it is super convenient and feels as if it was created especially for me

  3. Anna Cesnjevar says:

    Thanks for sharing. I really like how you point out that teeth whitening works a lot quicker with a dentist. I hate waiting for two weeks or more for my teeth to get whiter. I’ll have to make an appointment with my dentist.

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