Does Oil Pulling reverse cavities?

Does Oil Pulling reverse cavities? - By Cocobaci International

Oil Pulling has been revived and is here to stay. Many questions arise regarding this ancient practice. We will tackle these one by one, so stay tuned for everything you need to know about this wonderful therapy.

Does Oil Pulling reverse cavities?

Whoa, what a crazy thought, right? The fact that oil pulling helps with removing stains from the teeth and improves dental hygiene has been accepted and experienced, but this!

Although many traditional dentists may not be happy to advertise this fact, there is some truth in it.

Does Oil Pulling reverse cavities? - By Cocobaci International


Your teeth have the ability to rebuild on a daily basis. Think of your skin, it produces new skin cells each day, and heathy ones at that when the conditions are optimal. Our bodies were designed to repair itself, and this includes your teeth!

Cavities can be reversed through the natural process of remineralization. There is a catch though, it can only occur in the presence of the necessary essential nutrients and the absence of the bacteria responsible for cavities.

Your diet is also a main factor in the creation or reversal of cavities. Ensuring a sugar-free environment and regular intake of water is extremely important. Sugar acidifies the mouth, creating a wonderful playground for an increase in plaque and bacteria.Does Oil Pulling reverse cavitiesAlways rinse your mouth with pure water if you are unable to brush and floss your teeth. This at least ensures a more alkaline environment and the physical removal of food particles.

One of the reasons why organic virgin coconut oil is our main ingredient of choice is due to the fact that it is rich in nutrients needed for the remineralization process. It also has anti-bacterial properties, helping to reduce the onslaught on your teeth. Coconut oil acts also as a local anti-inflammatory therefor assisting with the symptoms associated with Gingivitis.

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