Are you eating nutritious food?

Are you eating nutritious food? - By Cocobaci Oil Pulling

Most people today are taking some form of vitamin or mineral type supplement. Our diets just don’t contain everything we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s an extra 500mg of Vitamin C to help prevent colds and flu, or Vitamin B to boost energy, it’s become quite normal to “pop a pill” on a daily basis. ¬†Nutritious food can also be more expensive than eating junk in some countries.

Why is nutritious food not keeping us protected?

Each “sick season” is worse than the year before. Millions of us are paying for medicines to clear up what our immune systems were unable to protect us from. But why are we so sick when we take lots of vitamins?

Obtaining your nutrients from high-quality foods should be your first choice. The issue here is that soil becomes depleted and leads to revitalized and nutrient-poor foods. Another important point is that well-grown foods contain much-needed phytonutrients. These nutrients can however not be contained in a pill.

Your taste receptors should be your guide to nutritious food

Foods that are grown in replenished soil also tastes a lot better and vibrant in color. Ever eat a tomato that tasted like nothing? It is not supposed to be this way. Buying from farmers directly may help to gain better quality foods. Asking questions does help to raise awareness to these issues. Do look out for symbols on packaging that says they support fair trade sourcing and are GMO-free.

How about growing your own fresh veggies, herbs or fruit? If you can get your hands on a refractometer, you will even be able to track the quality of the food you grow. If you feel inspired, have a look at this link to learn how to become your own farmer.

Remember your daily detox!

Use the Cocobaci Oil Pulling sachets daily to help your body expel toxins we ingest with every mouthful. We recommend to do this in the morning, after brushing your teeth. Multitasking is key. I love using my Cocobaci while I am in the shower or checking emails.

How do you use Cocobaci Oil Pulling?

  • Tear open the sachet
  • Push the contents into your mouth
  • As it melts, start using it as a mouthwash
  • Spit out after 5 to 15 minutes (start small and build up your time)

Note: Do take a minute when you are done to experience how wonderfully clean your mouth feels and enjoy fresh breath all day long!

7 thoughts on “Are you eating nutritious food?

  1. Diane Leroux says:

    I absolutely love the Cocobaci Black, i swirl in my mouth every night while i watch my favorite series. Super easy to do and 100% works, with many extra great benefits.

  2. Gail Moore says:

    My dentist recommended i use this, he says it is one of the most effective natural health solutions known to prevent tooth decay and loss. I 100% could not agree more!!

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