Oral health is related to serious diseases

Oral health is related to serious diseases - By Cocobaci INT

Did you know that optimal health starts in the mouth? This makes sense when you think about it. What impression of health would you get if you see teeth that are in a poor state? Studies done by the Mayo Clinic is helping to bring awareness to the fact that your oral health contributes to your health.

Oral Health – What is your daily routine like?

Cavities are the most common result of poor oral health. This is at least an easy problem to spot and have fixed. What is much more worrying is that more and more health conditions are now being connected to your oral health state.

Flossing should be a daily routine. The purpose is to remove plague which gives bacteria the opportunity to grow. The result of bacterial growth leads to inflammation and periodontal disease. The bacteria can, through this, enter your blood stream and travel to various areas of your body. Yup, this is serious..

4 Diseases connected to poor oral health:

Diabetic-related health issues:

Diabetics are prone to infection and meticulous care should be practiced, for example flossing or oil pulling daily. Inflammation can interfere with your control over blood sugar levels. The immune function can also be affected, which can furthermore create complications.


This disease is becoming more and more common. The connection here is the fact that bacteria in the mouth can travel to the brain and enter the nerve channels connected to the development of Dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Respiratory Infections:

Gum disease could contribute to infections in your lungs and even pneumonia, warns a study in the Journal of Periodontology. The link is created through the “breathing in of bacteria” over a course of time.

Cardiovascular disease:

CVD, also know as heart disease is a lurking threat that takes time to diagnose. Bacteria in the mouth finds its way to your arteries, therefore causing hardening of the arteries. When the arteries are hardened, plaque can build up in the inner walls. The blood flow becomes reduces and even blocked. CVD is directly related to having a heart attack or stroke.

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