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Coconut oil uses you will love! - By Cocobaci Oil Pulling

There are so many coconut oil uses that will help you make healthier choices. Cooking with coconut oil has got to be the most popular. It is also the healthiest oil to use as it stays stable at high temperatures. In other words, no carcinogenic activity as what heating other vegetal oils.

Coconut Oil Uses to love and to hold, forever and ever!

Hair Treatment

India is well known for the most beautiful hair. It is a common practice to apply coconut oil to the scalp. Coconut oil assists with the hair health, as well as reducing any inflammation from dandruff of psoriasis. Winter season or dry climates can worsen dandruff, but this oil will deeply nourish the hair and help prevent these pesky flakes.


Once your head gets around the idea of swishing an oil around, you will find that your breath stays fresh for much longer. Mainstream mouthwashes contains alcohol and other chemicals which can also reduce the good bacteria in your mouth. These help protect the lining on the inside of your mouth and tongue from infection, so using non-stripping methods like oil pulling is a healthier choice. Especially for the long term. Coconut oil can help to reduce gingivitis and inflammation in the gum-line.

Supports general health and immune function

One of my favourite coconut oil uses is that it removes plaque. How does this influence your immune system? Plaque in the mouth is “food” for bacteria. The more plaque, the more bacteria. This may lead to inflammation which dilates the capillaries. The bacteria then enter your bloodstream and makes its way to all your different body systems.

Helps in the fight against Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Following on the previous point. The fact that bacteria can penetrate the blood stream by the head (YIKES) is what is showing as the connection between dental health and Dementia. Studies are showing that reducing the bacteria in your mouth daily, can help protect you against these diseases.

Skin Stress and Dehydration

Dry, dehydrated skin usually progresses to itchy patches. For those predisposed to eczema or psoriasis, it can cause a flare-up. Keeping the skin nourished with organic coconut oil helps to bind the cells. This means that evaporation of the skin’s natural fluids are reduced. The oil literally seals in your moisture, helping in the fight against aging. PS: Did you know that skin dehydration is caused by stress?

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