World Tobacco Day – 31 May

It is World Tobacco Day and a warm congratulations from the Cocobaci Team if you have been able to nip this habit in the bud! (pun intended) If you haven’t and maybe need some motivation, this might just help you along on the road to being smoke-free!

World Tobacco Day – A bad habit takes only 7 days to form but to learn a good habit takes a minimum of 21 days to become a lasting one. Making the choice to be good to yourself doesn’t mean you need to get drastic and throw your cigarettes in the bin all at once. Chances are you have done this before and you are just setting yourself up for failure to be able to quit. This angle takes the power away from you and may make you believe that you are even more dependent on smoking.

We believe that by adding a good habit daily, you may become more health conscious and that may have a positive outcome for the long term. It may even help you to quit when you are aware of doing good to yourself, for yourself.

Our newly launched Cocobaci is such a fantastic way to enhance and support your dental health and also the health of your body. We have taken the ancient treatment of Oil Pulling, spruced it up with a convenient way of using it and added loads of other benefits. By using this product daily like a mouthwash, you will add the therapeutic benefits of Gemmotherapy to assist the detox process of your body as well as hand-selected organic essential oils to further assist your wellbeing.

How does Cocobaci Oil Pulling Work?

The ingredients that we have added penetrate into your body through the mucous membranes and saliva and literally only needs to be in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Another benefit is that you will also see a brightening effect as some of the stains are dissolved into the oil.

An important fact to remember is to always spit out the product when you are done. The reason is that the bacteria in your mouth melts into the oil and swallowing it will defeat the purpose of this wonderful product.

Your mouth will also taste extra fresh, until you light up the next one, but why spoil it? We just know you will want to cut down, for your own health and wellbeing!

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