Want to have a Root Canal? We didn’t think so!

coco baci oil pulling for dental health

Want to have a Root Canal? The 11th of May is Root Canal Appreciation day.. Now, although it provides the ultimate relief, nobody wants to go through it and you wouldn’t even wish it on your mother-in-law!

Want to have Root Canal – Nobody likes getting bad news, especially when it comes from your dentist. It is at the moment of finding out you have to have a root canal procedure done that you wish you could just go back in time and look after your teeth a bit more vigilantly. Unfortunately we can’t undo what has been done, but we can definitely help you prevent the next one, and it’s simple and tasty too!

It all starts with plaque. Every time you eat something without brushing and flossing afterwards, you are providing the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to live and grow happily, and create havoc on your teeth. Eating refined carbohydrates also contributes to mouth acidity which further creates conditions such as tooth decay, gingivitis and halitosis (bad breath).

Dental caries, or cavities which is what they are more commonly known as, are the direct result from tooth decay. When cavities are not treated, they continue to grow and ultimately cause the tooth to die.

A cavity begins in the hard enamel and slowly but surely works its way down into the softer tissue underneath called dentin. Enamel is firstly affected because it is directly in contact with bacteria in the mouth from the food you have eaten. Enamel’s main function is to protect the softer tissues, but it can only take so much assault.

When the cavity is only in the tooth enamel, you will not yet feel pain. As the cavity grows down into the dentin, you will start to experience sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold liquids/foods. When the cavity grows deeper into the pulp it will create an abscess and if left untreated, the root will die, needing an extraction aka root canal.

In this case, prevention is cure, and committing to care for your dental health is a priority. Oil pulling is an excellent treatment that assists you in keeping bacterial growth in the mouth at bay. When oil is used as a mouthwash, (we recommend the Cocobaci range for the added benefits) the plaque dissolves into the oil. After oil pulling for 10-15 minutes, the oil needs to be spat out, taking along with it any trouble causing organisms. Another benefit is that it helps to lower mouth acidity, which improves breath and decreases your chances of tooth decay.

Oil Pulling, performed daily, can have a positive effect for your mouth and body, as less bacteria is ingested into the digestive tract as well.

Pretty soon you will be getting a clean bill of dental health with your 6 monthly check-ups with your dentist. Now that, is something to look forward too!

4 thoughts on “Want to have a Root Canal? We didn’t think so!

  1. Natasha says:

    the thing with root canal, they remove the nerves out of the tooth, making it dead, and for all the years going forward, you actually have something dead in your mouth, sound gross. i know. i believe prevention is better than cure. my Gran has been oil pulling since ever, she has no one filling and she is 84. Got to love ancient wisdom, and thank you for a beautiful product.

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