Senior health and fitness day – 25 May

A lot can be said about ageing gracefully, with what about ageing well in the dental department? We only get one set of permanent teeth in life, and looking after them well can save you a lot of grief and visits to the dentists!

Senior health and fitness day: A receding gum line is one of those things that go hand in hand when reaching into your golden years. The fact is, what you do today, you will reap the benefits of in the future. If your gum line has receded quite a bit, don’t despair, we can give you some tips to help relieve the symptoms.

Receding gums are responsible for quite a few dental concerns. Yes, aesthetically it might not be the best, but it can also lead to conditions such as loose teeth and the probability of cavities and abscesses where a root canal may need to be performed.

When you have a receding gum line, it gives lingering bacteria the chance to makes it’s way into the softer substance called dentin. If you experience a piercing sensation when eating or drinking hot or cold food items, chances are that it has gone too far.

Oil Pulling is a great complimentary treatment where you can assist to decrease the amount of bacteria in the mouth. It further helps to remove lodged food particles from the nooks and crannies of the teeth which serves as a food source for the bacteria to live on and multiply.

Using our formula, with the main ingredient being Coconut oil, you may also benefit by decreasing inflammation in the mouth. There have been many studies showing the effectivity of using Coconut oil, and using it as a mouth wash, even better so. We have also added the benefits of Gemmotherapy and specifically selected essential oils to further support a healthy mouth and body.

Using our single dose sachets once per day is very simple. All you need to do is open the sachet, squeeze the contents onto your mouth and use as a mouth wash for 10-15 minutes. It is important to spit out the product when you are done. The reason for this is because the bacteria literally melts into the oil, and swallowing it will defeat the purpose.

Start saying goodbye to the effects of receding gums and enjoy a brighter smile too as you may see some stain removal too, bonus!


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