What makes raspberry so special?

What makes raspberry so special?

Sure, raspberries are awesome because they taste good and look downright delicious thanks to their lovely reddish colour. But the raspberry itself is special for much better reasons than these alone. Raspberries contain various beneficial attributes that make them extremely healthy, including strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C. They are rich in quercetin and gallic acid that fights against cancer, heart and circulatory diseases. Moreover, they’re a great remedy against age-related decline.

The health benefits of Raspberry

These wonderful fruits are also high in something called ellagic acid, which is known to fight inflammation. Ketones from raspberries are also currently used in Japan, for example, as a weight loss supplement. As for all-natural raspberry seed oil, it’s currently creating quite a stir in the cosmetic industry market all thanks to its richness in Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid and a natural SPF rating of 24-50.

Given the benefits of raspberries, it’s no small wonder that these amazing fruits are widely used in health-promoting products the world over. Indeed, they’re not only good for using in your favourite recipes anymore! For all these reasons, Cocobaci has decided to take raspberries to the next level. Concerning the condition of your teeth in particular, Cocobaci has now successfully implemented raspberries into their fantastic oil-pulling products.

Raspberry Oil Pulling for whiter teeth

Serving as a deep body cleanse by using natural raspberry that benefits the body and teeth in various ways, the “Raspberry 15 Day Smile Therapy Pack” will indeed have you smiling from ear to ear. Try the Raspberry Kisses today to detoxify your body, improve that dental health and enhance that million dollar smile! By using this amazing product, you’ll boost your immunity and prevent the acceleration of ageing – whilst promoting a whiter, brighter smile. Not even to mention the delicious taste of this product. Indeed, oil-pulling has never tasted this good with Cocobaci.

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