Lipstick day – The perfect time to honour your lips

Lipstick Day

They say that dynamite comes in small packages and this has certainly always been the case with that marvellous little beauty-enhancing invention called ‘lipstick’. As a beautifying invention, it adds colour to character and brightens up the day of many women (and men!) on a daily basis. Even so and given its well-known wondrous abilities, you probably still wouldn’t have guessed that there is actually a specific day dedicated to the sticky itself. Yes indeed, this particular day of 29th July is particularly intended to celebrate the glorious survival of that little, yet very powerful stick of colour. Go all out this Lipstick Day!!

As a matter of FYI, it could be noted that lipstick had actually been at the centre of controversy due to some noteworthy lipstick-related events involving various people of power. Throughout the ages, people like Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill have all had their way with lipstick in one fashion or another. The fact remains that this little stick had endured much (over the course of somewhat 5000 years!) and remains to be the star of many complexions unto this day.

Lipstick lips & white teeth = beautiful!

With that said, we kindly prompt you today to go ahead and flaunt your brightest in paying due homage to Lipstick Day. Of course, having a set of uber-white teeth naturally adds extra oomph in flaunting your smile! So to really make yourself shine on this day, be sure to use organic oil-pulling products in addition to smacking on your favourite lipstick. Remember that by using Cocobaci’s wonderful oil-pulling products to brighten up your smile, you get to add that extra layer of attention-grabbing power.

Using Cocobaci products to enhance your dental health will be the perfect addition on top of those luscious lips! And hey, as if you didn’t know, coconut makes your lips super soft and supple as a baby’s bottom too. Just adding some colour to those already irresistible lips will surely result in something amazing. So go on! Make this Lipstick Day one to remember for those luscious lips and that million dollar smile. For best results, enhance yourself today with your favourite stick of lively lipsmack, after rinsing your mouth with your choice of tasty oil-pulling sachet.

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