Kiss & make up, today!


Let’s admit it, human relationships ain’t all moonshine and roses all the time. Misunderstandings and quarrels between loved ones are almost inevitable- and it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. In fact, it’s part of life and a sure sign of growth in a relationship. However, in order to grow, we need to find a way to move beyond those quarrels and fights and make up with those whom we are distanced from for whatever reason. For this reason, today is intended to celebrate the fact that ‘kiss and make up‘ is the best part of an argument (especially where lovers are concerned!).

Life’s too short for holding grudges

Life is precious and we will all do well in loving our loved ones the best we can for as long as we can. We would like to kindly prompt you on this Kiss & make up Day to say sorry and tell them how much they mean to you, and round it off with a big smooch. Holding a grudge is certainly a good way to waste your time, hence there’s absolutely no need for that anymore. Love is all we need! So, to aid you in your reconciliation attempts, we’re thinking that you’ll also do well in using some form of oral cleansing before doing so! After all, nobody want to kiss & make up with a fowl mouth. That’s a big no-no. So before attempting to make up with whomever got the worst of you, just consider prepping yourself for that precious moment…

Kiss & make up along with Cocobaci

You have the power within you to utilize this special day in all of its glory as the perfect time to kiss & make up. To help you in your reconciliation efforts, we highly recommend using your choice of our amazing oil-pulling products. Kindly try the mint flavored 15 Day Smile Therapy Pack in addition to your other efforts of forgiveness and never look back again. Using this ancient oil-pulling method to whiten your teeth and sustain fresher breath, will surely help a lot when the actual time arrives to kiss & make up. Put those quarrels behind you for good with a little help from Cocobaci.





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