Gemmotherapy – Natural Medicine for the win

Gemmotherapy - Natural Medicine for the win

Gemmotherapy is still a new and unknown therapy worldwide. There is a very good reason why we chose to add it to our natural teeth whitening and detox program known as Cocobaci. Read more about this amazing therapy in this brilliant article from Lauren Hubele

What is Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is an emerging natural medicine and is different from herbal remedies that use parts of the mature plant. In a nutshell, it is a Phyto embryo therapy with extractions made from the germinating parts of trees and shrubs.

This form of natural medicine is much more potent than whole herbs and plants. The remedies are made from the buds, shoots, rootlets, and germinating embryonic parts contain plant growth hormones. This therapy is much like human stem cell therapy, in a vegetal form.

Did you know that Gemmotherapy has a multi-level effect on the body? It can be used for nearly all conditions whether acute or chronic.

Benefits of Gemmotherapy:

  • drains at a cellular level
  • nourishes
  • repairs
  • produces regeneration

Gemmotherapy - By Cocobaci

It is considered a cellular drainage therapy as it acts to first detoxify and clear the emunctories (elimination organs). Next, it drains the accumulated toxins, metabolic waste products, and debris from the cells. This action creates discharging through the newly optimized organs of elimination.

What is the main difference between Homeopathy and Gemmotherapy?

Homeopathy – Works with the vital force of the body to heal itself.

Gemmotherapy – Has distinct action on specific organ tissues to optimize the body’s ability to eliminate, clean and then heal itself.

The two therapies are absolutely complementary and when used together can hasten the repair process.

Who needs Gemmotherapy?

All individuals regardless of age who have secondary symptoms such as:

  • skin conditions
  • seasonal allergies
  • chronic ENT’s
  • asthma
  • UTI’s
  • migraines
  • digestive disturbances
  • sleep difficulties
  • menstrual irregularities
  • fertility issues
  • high blood pressure

Anyone can use Gemmotherapy as it is safe for babies, children, adults. Specific protocols exist to help with conception and offer support throughout a pregnancy. It can be used along with conventional medications and therapies. These include chemotherapy and radiation, as it helps to reduce the toxic load on the physical body.

Cocobaci uses Gemmotherapy in the form of Oak Bud Extract

The Cocobaci Oil Pulling Program contains 15 single use sachets, used once per day. Usage is simple and can be done while you are in the shower, cooking or watching TV. Mornings are best but anytime is a good time for Cocobaci. Just tear the sachet, push the contents into your mouth and swirl the oil like a mouthwash for 10-20 minutes and discard after use into the bin.

PS: You will notice that your teeth look whiter instantly and benefits whether for teeth whitening or detox, are cumulative!



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  1. Celeste Smith says:

    I can definitely vouch for a fresh – wake up – morning breath…. it really does work and my teeth stay feeling super clean for quite long…

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