Bad Breath? This solution is so simple!

Most of us have bad breath in the mornings. If it persists, there are many issues that need to be looked at. Sometimes, just a few tweaks can make a world of difference. 

Bad breath is caused by a number of reasons. Eating fresh onion or garlic has never helped with fresh breath.  You can also have bad breath due to gastric conditions, candida, tooth decay, antibiotics and a number of other health issues.

When we brush or floss, we spend a lot of time on our teeth and most people still do not experience fresh breath afterward. A big culprit here is your tongue and pallet. These areas have quite a large surface area and can host a lot of bacteria as well as plaque.


Why do bacteria cause bad breath?

Some bacteria need oxygen to live and others will die in the presence of oxygen. This anaerobic bacteria often hides amongst the papillae on the tongue. These give off sulfur compounds called mercaptans and smells like fermenting cabbage. In addition to the bacteria present, the plaque also attaches to it. This fact just adds to the bad breath factor.

Life on the tongue is pretty good for the bacteria. They hide in a nice place that is humid and warm, get fed three times a day and are covered with biofilm so that they don’t get disturbed. All they do is eat, multiply and give off smelly stuff.

Another result of bacteria and plaque is dental decay, and we must try our best to remove these.

What is a solution to bad breath?

Because e cannot floss our tongue, we should gently scrape it with our toothbrush. Another great practice to add is Oil Pulling. Oil Pulling stems from Ayurvedic medicine and is literally swishing oil in the mouth for 10 to 20 minutes. Bacteria and plaque are oil soluble and literally dissolves into the oil, which is discarded after use. This practice can be done daily and is also a great way to assist natural teeth whitening due to the fact that most stains are also oil-soluble.

Try our award-winning Cocobaci today. Our specialized formula also has the added benefits of choice essential oils and Gemmotherapy. These ingredients help support the body’s natural detox processes. A good detox is known to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Toxins make our bodies work much harder and make us feel tired. Helping your body daily can assist to re-energise and also to focus on the daily tasks ahead.

PS: Did you know that visible teeth whitening is observed after only 4 consecutive days of using Cocobaci?

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6 thoughts on “Bad Breath? This solution is so simple!

  1. Simon Alphas says:

    now i know what to get may colleague for her birthday…. this is such a sensitive issue. i wish people will understand the causes and treat it from the root. i love your concept.

  2. Alice Nelson says:

    Cocobaci is a lovely gift to give to someone! Avoiding the awkward situation of having to tell someone that they need a breath mint is a huge bonus. Plus, I always feel confident once I’ve done my oil pulling in the morning. It’s such a great product!

  3. Lisa Davis says:

    i was so surprised by the delicious flavour of your product. i can see myself craving it… i had to order your 4 box special

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