What causes bad breath and is there a solution?

What causes bad breath and is there a solution?

It can really kill your wow factor when you have what we call “Dragon Breath”. Ever notice someone taking a step back when you are speaking to them? Yup, that’s your clue right there. There is a simple solution when you look at what causes bad breath in the first place.

What causes Bad Breath?

Food particles get’s lodged between the teeth after a meal. These particles break down and become the sticky film we know as plaque. Plaque is the breeding ground for bacteria and voíla, bad breath it is.

Some food types create bad breath just by chewing them. These include garlic, onions, tea, and coffee. Another culprit is sugar. Although it might not feel like it when you are eating that chocolate or strawberry jelly, sugar creates acid in the mouth. An acidic mouth smells sour and also holds danger to your teeth. It literally erodes the enamel.

Why is Saliva so Important?

This is one of the reasons we are so dependant on saliva as it helps to break down food and also neutralizes the pH of your mouth. This being said, when you are dehydrated, your saliva will also be less, giving rise to more bad breath.Removing food particles is key in preventing bad breath and brushing and flossing after each meal is not always possible.

Drinking plenty of water and removing food particles is key in preventing bad breath. Brushing and flossing after each meal are not always possible or even enough to really gain fresh breath.

Ever heard of Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is an age old technique where oil (we choose coconut oil) is swirled in the mouth for 10-15 minutes. The pro’s oil pull for 20 minutes! After pushing and pulling the oil through your teeth and using it as a mouth wash, it is discarded. Flossing and brushing can create inflammation and bleeding gums when performed to harshly. By Oil Pulling daily, you can get in even closer, without hurting your gums.

Have you tried the Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Program? Apart from giving you fresh breath, white teeth, and healthy gums, it also detoxifies the body! For your wellness, we have added vegetal stem cell therapy, in the form of Gemmotherapy.

So, while you are cosmetically whitening your teeth, the formula penetrates through the glands in the tongue. You may find you are more thirsty than usual the rest of the day. This is perfectly normal, and your body’s way to make sure it gets more fluid to help expel the toxic waste in your body.

Try your favourite flavour in our Cocobaci Range and tell us what you think!

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  1. Lilian Isaacs says:

    my poor son had exactly the same problem, he was so conscious of it and he never spoke. he couldn’t handle normal oil pulling, it will make him gag. long story short, i tried the raspberry sachets and he is happy to use and there is a huge improvement

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