Bleeding Gums From Flossing

No one has time these days, and for some, regular flossing is just an extra duty that is straining an already full schedule. But, when you think about it, it is so important for your dental health and it creates a lot of problems when you skip a day or 2.

Brushing alone cannot remove all bacteria and plaque. It is just physically impossible to reach into every nook and cranny or in between the teeth. One of the most common conditions dentists see is inflamed gums. This is usually because we quickly tend to floss quite roughly before our visit which may irritate the gums or even lead to bleeding.

Another fact is that if you haven’t flossed for a while and suddenly want to restart this good habit, you may experience bleeding the 1 st few times, which puts a lot of people off. When you delve
deeper as to the reason to this, it is actually normal and called a “healing crises” and should blow over after a week or so.

Pregnancy is also a time where bleeding gums is common. Not flossing for more than 2 days can cause the plaque to harden and calcify, which then needs to be removed by a dental hygienist. If you do need to skip till the swelling calms down, or if you want to take your dental health to the next level, why not try the 15 Day Cocobaci Oil Pulling Program?

This product is based on ancient wisdom, but modernized for easy, tasty and result-driven usage. The oil is swirled in the mouth for a few minutes, which allows the bacteria and plaque which are oil- soluble, to melt into the oil. The oil is then discarded after 10-15 minutes (into the bin, not basin) and you are left with a cleaner and fresher breath for much longer!

1 thoughts on “Bleeding Gums From Flossing

  1. Sasha says:

    yap, as dentists always say, Brush, floss, Rinse. but using coconut oil definitely taking it to a whole new level. thank you for a great product.

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