The Sugar Curse

The Sugar Curse.

Back in the good old days, food used to be homemade, non-commercially processed and hence a lot healthier. People in those times enjoyed food in their natural, organic forms as opposed to processed and packaged. As a matter of fact, the perfect diet would ideally consist only of foods that are fresh, dried, frozen, or fermented. These include for example, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fresh organic meats, fats, and raw and fermented dairy. Now, having to avoid all commercially prepared foods can be tricky given one’s lifestyle and the demand of modern life. As far as you have the ability to be in control of what you eat, however, a good place to start would be to avoid sugary foods and drinks, refined grains, and processed vegetable oil. Avoiding these things in general would improve your overall health – especially in regards to your teeth and gums. As a fact, refined sugar is actually the most detrimental food in our diet and sadly but truly, the world has come under the spell of something now coined “The Sugar Curse.” Luckily, there are some wonderful products by Cocobaci, specifically created to reverse the bad effects of sugar on the teeth. But before we get to that, let’s examine the Sugar Curse in more detail.

Origins of The Sugar Curse

Due to the over-consumption of sugar in the modern world, a notable difference in statistical cavities and gum disease between humans today and prehistoric humans, is to be noted. The emphasis is yet to be made on the ‘excess consumption’ of sugar and refined carbohydrates, as opposed to sugar in itself which is used by our cells as a much needed source of energy. Something is to be said on the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates in this instance. While complex carbohydrates are the main components of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts – and sugars are released steadily to enter the bloodstream at a relatively constant rate by eating these – eating pure sugar in the form of ice cream and chocolates goes almost immediately into the bloodstream. The latter is not good for your health and teeth, as it radically increases your blood sugar levels, resulting in obesity, diabetes and of course, rots your teeth. Apart from this, another major consequence of eating sugar is a reduction in your ability to fight off infection, which causes your immune system to weaken. Another problem with sugar is that it provides absolutely no nutritional benefit other than calories, which promotes malnutrition and in turn, increases immune infection.

As far as your teeth, in particular are concerned, sugar feeds acid-producing bacteria which cause terrible tooth decay. If you feel the need to snack, it’s much better to opt for real food instead, like vegetables, meat, cheese, or anything without sugar or refined carbohydrates. Crackers, bread, chips, and such are a similarly bad idea as these are made with white flour which really aren’t much better than sugar. Every time you eat sugar, you bring in ‘food’ for latent colonies of acid-producing bacteria that are out to rot your teeth. Moreover, diabetics are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease since the sugar consumed is stored in saliva, which causes blood sugar to rise no matter how hard you brush your teeth. What we end up with thus, is a vicious circle founded on “The Sugar Curse”, which could be prevented by simply avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates as far as possible. Of course, as said, this is easier said than done, and for all these reasons, Cocobaci comes to the rescue with a way to release fellow humans from the Sugar Curse in regards to tooth decay.

Cocobaci Oil pulling: The Sugar Curse Cure

With all natural and organic coconut as the main ingredient, Cocobaci provides the perfect solution to maintain oral health and wash your teeth clean of those unwanted sugar residues. Cocobaci is formulated on the principle of an ancient oil pulling ancient wisdom, where oil is swirled in the mouth for 10-15 minutes. This process dislodges plaque and bacteria from the mouth, which not only improves dental health and makes your teeth whiter and brighter, but also detoxifies the body and assists with hangovers and headaches. These amazing products do a lot more than removing cavities – it tackles whole-body health by acting as a drainer for cellular detox. And speaking of cellular detox, you have a lot more to gain by visiting to get the latest on innovative and all-natural ways to get rid of cellulite as result of the over consumption of sugar. Overall conclusion? Cocobaci cures the whole vicious cycle caused by The Sugar Curse.


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