Why does Soda and Coffee stain teeth?

Why does Soda and Coffee stain teeth? - By Cocobaci 15Day Oil Pulling

Diets can be so strict. A healthy lifestyle always triumphs over a quick fix for weight loss, but did you realize that healthier choices will improve your dental health too?

It’s a fact: Soda and Coffee stain Teeth!

Digestion starts in the mouth. Sugars and starches need saliva to help the break-down process. This is another reason why your mom always told you to chew slowly and properly. Some diet experts believe that each bite needs to be chewed 20 times to assist with weight loss.

Soda, coffee, teas and carbohydrates contain acidic components. These increases dental decay or give a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. Acidity in the mouth also attacks your enamel, which is a very porous substance. Stains from drinks and certain foods can penetrate into the enamel easier when it is compromised by acidity.

So if you have been wondering why your teeth have stains on them, this may be it. But, all is not lost. There are ways to remove stains from the teeth. Your mainstream type would be a chemical bleach. Chemical bleaches do cause teeth to feel sensitive and some find it very uncomfortable.

A healthier and safer option is to practice Oil Pulling daily. Stains, bacteria, and plaque are oil soluble and melt into the oil while you are swirling it. Oil Pulling means to literally push and pull the oil through your teeth. This process helps to dislodge stains and plaque build up.

Oil Pulling also neutralizes an acidic pH in the mouth, helping to form a protective coating on the teeth. Another bonus apart from whiter teeth is fresh breath that lasts!

Try an eve healthier option than plain Oil Pulling! The Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Program is boosted with pure essential oils and Oak Bud Extract to detox your body at a cellular level!


6 thoughts on “Why does Soda and Coffee stain teeth?

  1. Justin Dower says:

    Chemical bleaches can actually make your stains go deeper if you don’t watch what you eat for 24hours following the treatment, and i am speaking from experience..

  2. debarah says:

    trying to drink less coffee is hard, need a teeth make over lost that beautiful pearly look and so badly want it back, i am going to try the cocobaci oil pulling program and will definitely refer them elsewhere if it works for me. thank you so much for the blog i am convinced 🙂

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