Have a Healthy Pregnancy Like This

Have a Healthy Pregnancy Like This - By Cocobaci Oil Pulling

Looking at a mommy-to-be can make many feel all soft in the head. The excitement of a new baby, the smell of them and all the cuddles waiting to be had. A healthy pregnancy, on the other hand, is not always moonshine and roses. Many things we as mothers don’t find out until the bun is in the oven, and what an eye opener that is!

During pregnancy, you try everything you possibly can to increase the health of the baby. And every year, the list of do’s and don’ts get longer. Avoid soft cheeses, don’t eat sushi, avoid all types of self-medication except what you doctor prescribes.

Dental health also plays a huge role as to the health of the pregnancy and the health of the baby. An American study shows that pregnant women are much less likely to look after their teeth and gums during their 9 months.

This probably also goes for that first 3-6 months while you are getting up at all hours and your whole day is concerned around what the baby needs. But did you know that poor dental health during pregnancy has a direct influence on pre-term births as well as underweight babies?

2 Factors that influence a Healthy Pregnancy

The Business Insider reports: “Gingivitis affects 60 to 75% of pregnant women, and it’s especially important that expectant mothers tend to their teeth. When pregnant women have serious dental problems, their infants are more likely to develop cavities.

Poor maternal oral health is also associated with low birth weight and preterm birth. Further studies are being done as there’s not enough evidence yet to know whether it’s an independent risk factor. Researchers suspect that one of two mechanisms may be at play: Either overall inflammation is heightened, or oral bacteria that enter the bloodstream eventually colonize the placenta. Both of these causes an inflammatory response.”

Source: Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2010Ginekologia Polska, 2012Dental Clinics of North America, 2013

Oil Pulling with Cocobaci is a great addition to ensure a full mouth clean for a healthy pregnancy, without adding any chemicals. Cocobaci is made from the purest, organic ingredients and is used as a mouthwash. The term oil pulling is due to the fact that you “push and pull” the oil through your teeth. Plaque, bacteria, and stains are oil soluble and melt into the oil, which is discarded after use. The main ingredient, Coconut Oil, is also renowned for reducing inflammation and bacteria in the mouth. Sounds good? Yes, it does!

Try the Cool Mint, Raspberry Kisses or Lemon and Fennel Sparkle and tell us which one is your favorite!

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5 thoughts on “Have a Healthy Pregnancy Like This

  1. Richard M. says:

    I am going to try this. Every time i forget to floss for a while my gums bleed as soon as I start again. Apparently, it’s normal but that still doens’t make it nice 🙁

  2. Lorraine Michaels says:

    I have been practicing Oil pulling for 20 odd years, alongside brushing and flossing and I don’t even have one filling..

  3. Josephine Palmhåmmer says:

    I think dental health shouldn’t just be a priority when you are pregnant. I recently read that good oral health can prolong your life by 10 years!

  4. javicia says:

    during my pregnancy which was high risk i started loosing energy also and teeth started breaking really bad they are still weak after 10 years and i was looking for something new and organic i have now finally found cocobaci and it has worked amazingly , my body gets a good detox and my teeth feel amazing and also to top it all my mouth is fresher than ever , im not afraid to talk near people at my work place. big confidence boost

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