Hangover? Don’t grab the painkillers, do this!


We’ve all been the victims of a hangover in some form or another. Let’s not argue that. Having a fun night out in combination with enjoying a few (or more than a few!) drinks will unfortunately and inevitably result in unwanted consequences. As karma would have it, our first thought in the fight against a hangover would be to scavenge around the house for a pill or two… However, it is our contention that curing a hangover with your ready dosage of paracetamol is not always to best way to go. In fact, there are other more natural, yet absolutely effective ways of curing a hangover.

Chemical vs Natural hangover cures

Did you know that the ancient method of oil pulling can aid you in more ways than previously thought of? Did you know that oil pulling potentially holds several benefits in terms of your health and oral hygiene? Indeed, this is not a myth, but true as Bob. Apart from the fact that oil pulling can aid you with oral hygiene and make your teeth whiter and brighter – it’s also a fantastic way to detox your whole system and get rid of unwanted toxins. In the light of this, the wonderful ways in which oil pulling can help you cannot be understated.

Instead of grabbing the painkillers for that hangover next time, grab your sachet of organic coconut oil instead! Available in various delicious flavours, all you need to do is swirl your mouth for a good few minutes with a dose of organic goodness and likely be amazed at the results.Using oil pulling instead of painkillers, can detoxify the body and assist with hangovers in ways previously unheard of. And of course, it really helps to prevent and relieve headaches associated with hangovers too. Be in tune with Mother Nature and start filling that medical kit with coconut oil instead of painkillers today!


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