Fresh breath in all of its glory!

fresh breath

Let’s face it, nobody likes conversing with someone who’s just had onions and garlic for lunch. No way Jose! Nobody likes to have a dragon breath breathing into their faces under any circumstances. For these reasons, humankind has created a whole day dedicated to raising awareness around bad breath. Fresh Breath Day on August 6 2016, is precisely intended to promote fresh breath the world over. Needless to say, it’s not any less important than any other day dedicated to a specific cause, whether it being world hunger or breast cancer, because aiming for fresher breath is something that everybody needs to pay attention to!

The Causes of Bad Breath

Did you know that over 50% of bacteria in the mouth contributes to bad breath? Bacteria accumulates in the mouth mainly over the course of the day, therefore it’s super important that one maintains their own oral hygiene as far as possible. So in an attempt to avoid having bad breath, most people stick to brushing their teeth twice a day and using mouthwash. Then there’s also the popular mint and chewing gum to use as additional bacteria-fighters in maintaining fresh breath throughout the day. But to the disappointment of many, comes the revelation that most mints and chewing gum contain sugar, that can actually have the opposite desired effect! Especially in the long term, fighting bad breath with temporary solutions is certainly not ideal.

Naturally fresh breath

For the reasons mentioned above, Cocobaci comes to the rescue of those in need of a breath revolution! Especially in the light of Fresh Breath day, we would love to have you try out our wonderful range of oil pulling products specifically designed to target bad breath and improve dental health altogether. In homage to this special day, why not try the CocoBaci 15 Day Smile Therapy Pack to get rid of all those toxins causing bad breath. Say goodbye to bad breath and get a free all-natural bamboo toothbrush with your order! Go ahead and spoil your teeth, cure bad breath, and treat your partner in turn on this special day dedicated to fresh breath. It’s the perfect way to show your love for the cause!


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