Want to try oil pulling but don’t feel like DIY?

Want to try oil pulling but don't feel like DIY? - BY Cocobaci

Oil Pulling has been around for centuries. We all know that true wisdom and health is rooted in Alternative Therapies such as Ayurvedic Medicine. Unfortunately, good news is not always passed along the ages and we forget how we can help ourselves. 

Oil Pulling is an easy and surefire way to help your body detoxify. In the old days, oils such as sesame and grape seed oil were used. These do not taste very good and when something doesn’t taste good, we are not likely to maintain the new good habit.

The right way to do oil pulling is super easy. A mouthful of the chosen oil is swirled for approximately 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how long you can sustain it. The oil is then discarded and never swallowed. The reason for this is that the oil at the end of the oil pulling procedure is now filled with plaque, bacteria and toxins, which should not enter the body.

The Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Program offers much more than just the basic benefits.


Why should you try Cocobaci?

  • Available in 3 tasty and natural flavours
  • All ingredients are organic and paraben-free
  • The formula has the addition of Gemmotherapy and choice Essential Oils to benefit the body
  • Teeth whitening is visible after only 4 uses
  • Our single use sachet is convenient and contains just the right amount of oil

Studies show that if you want to detox effectively, you need to stick to it for 2 weeks. The body takes time to expel toxins and the liver, kidneys and intestines cannot be rushed. Some articles suggest that short detox programmes such as a 3 day juice fast can actually cause liver stress. Our 15 Day pack makes it easy to achieve better detox benefits when used everyday. The travel-friendly packaging also means that you can have your oil pulling session right when you need it.

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