How long should a Detox Program be?

How long should a detox program be? - By Cocobaci Oil Puling

When was the last time you tried a detox program and for how long did you do it for? Did you know that a number of days you follow a specific detox regimen for can make or break your results?

A Detox Program needs time to be effective!

One question that we get quite often is if you can use it for longer than the 15 days. There is a reason that the Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Detox Program pack contains 15 single use sachets.

Our head Doctor and formulator explains:

“If you want to achieve and effective detox it needs to be done for at least 14 consecutive days. Anything shorter than this is simply not effective.”

The reason why your detox program needs to be followed for 2 weeks is due to the fact that your liver, kidneys, and intestines need to gradually release toxins and repair cells. It’s a lot of extra work for these organs. It is very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking water helps to alkalize your pH as well as to mobilize the released toxins (acidity) for proper excretion.

More bonus benefits from using Cocobaci:

But, you don’t need to stop there, and we are prepared to bet some money on it that you wouldn’t want to, either! Cocobaci can be quite addictive, and this is the one product that you can be addicted too. The fresh and clean mouth sensation lasts for hours on end which is great for those who constantly need to chew bubblegum! You can also look forward to whiter teeth after just 4 days!

Why is Cocobaci so special?

Oil Pulling has been around for centuries but we have made it extra special by adding the benefits of Gemmotherapy and specially selected organic essential oils. Gemmotherapy is quite a newly found therapy. In a nutshell, it is vegetal stem cell technology where the enzymes have specific therapeutic benefits to the body. In our product, you will find Oak Bud extract which is an excellent drainer for cellular detox. It penetrates your cells through your salivary glands, which means less stress to your digestive system.

Using Cocobaci is simple and convenient!

The sachets are packed as a single dose and to use it you need to open the sachet and squeeze the contents into your mouth. Swirl it around for 10-15 minutes for the formula to penetrate effectively and discard into the bin. The bacteria, stain pigments and plaque in your mouth dissolves into the oil and swallowing it will defeat the purpose.

Sounds great? Yes, it does!

Get Your Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Detox Program HERE or contact us for assistance 

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  1. Bow says:

    Oil pulling is such a great and simple tool to help with a detox. We are running a detox program in Chiang Mai and it is a tool we alsways us. Grea post

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