Cocobaci 15 Day Smile Therapy Pack – Raspberry

Say Hello to a tasty mouth!

Try the Rasberry Kisses for added benefits to detoxify, improve your dental and physical health and to enhance your pearly whites!

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5 out of 5

Such an amazing concept to put these great flavours and benefits to oil pulling. My mouth feels awesome. Raspberry fan all the way

Maddison Lee
February 10, 2017
5 out of 5

I love anything berry flavoured and this is definitely at the top of my list! Lovely product!

Valerie Simmons
February 10, 2017
4 out of 5

This raspberry flavor is my favorite! I have a very sweet tooth and have been enjoying the taste as well as the benefits of this flavor!

November 8, 2016
4 out of 5

I got this product for my girlfriend and ended up using it myself. Great taste and clean feeling!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

My daughter and I both enjoy this Raspberry flavor! We are hooked on Oil pulling!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

Getting my goove on for the summer with this amazing Raspberry flavor! Just love it!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

I wanted to whiten my teeth for my wedding this year. I researched a lot of products and come across this one. I tried the product and was amazed with the results! Definitely going into the honeymoon bag!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

my 5 year old daughter is having them as a snack. if it wasn’t so good for her, i would of got so angry… love the flavour, it is so much easier then the traditional oil pulling

Betina Samuels
November 1, 2016
4 out of 5

Takes a few days to get into the habit but so far so good!

Vera Giannini
October 26, 2016
5 out of 5

I very much enjoy the Raspberry flavoured Cocobaci! I am so excited to see more great results.

Francine G.
September 28, 2016

You know that tired, headachy blegh-feeling we all have? This is most likely caused by toxins in the body, creating havoc everywhere it goes via your lymphatic system, entering every cell organ and body system. Toxins alter your natural pH, makes you feel tired and even more prone to illness. Our foods are contaminated with pesticides, we drink a bit too much sometimes, some smoke and eat junk food.. Now, that is quite enough to have a negative effect on your health.

Cocobaci is in itself, a deep body cleanse, using natural ingredients that benefit the body (and teeth!) in more ways than one.

To excel in your detoxification, we also recommend drinking plenty of water, eating clean, flossing and doing an exercise you love.

15 Day Oil Pulling Program

Whiter, Brighter, Healthier teeth in 15 days, guaranteed!

Just how easy is it to use Cocobaci?
Well, you just need a few minutes

1. Open the sachet
2.Squeeze the contents out into your mouth
3.Swirl it around for 10 minutes
4.Spit it out!
6.Repeat the 15 days programme
7.Admire your beautiful smile and feel great that you have done your bit towards great health!

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