Cocobaci 15 Day Smile Therapy Pack – Lemon Sparkle

Say Hello to a tasty mouth!

Try the Lemon Sparkle for added benefits to detoxify, improve your dental and physical health and to enhance your pearly whites!

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5 out of 5

This takes oil pulling to a whole new level! Excellent flavour. Well done Cocobaci

Candice Smith
February 10, 2017
5 out of 5

I love the taste of the lemon and fennel! What a great combination! The taste, the intense clean feeling, great product!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

I love the fact that there are essential oils added to this product so that it not only whitens your teeth but you also have all the benefits of the oils!

November 8, 2016
4 out of 5

I really struggled with oil pulling in the beginning! But this product made it a lot easier. Always just the right amount and easy to use!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

My teeth are a lot whiter and I enjoy the great taste of the lemon!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

Oil pulling has been part of my life for a long time. I use this product everyday. Nothing comes close to the benefits and clean feeling this products offer!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

Yummy yummy yummy! Love the lemon flavor! So refreshing!

November 8, 2016
5 out of 5

I am a Naturopath and did a pH strip test after using it for a week and I can testify that it surely does alkalise the blood and my teeth are brighter. Well done on a great and healthy product

Dr Holland ND
October 26, 2016
5 out of 5

This Lemon/Fennel flavor is the BOMB DOT COM! My absolute Favorite! Initially brought the mixed box, but since then its Lemon all the way!

Charlene Jones
October 18, 2016
5 out of 5

It only took one or two days to get used to, and now that my box is finished I feel I am missing the clean feeling in my mouth – very different from brushing teeth. My gums were not bleeding anymore and I am sure my kissing confidence increased. The flavours are subtle but this one is my favorite. Will definately make this an ongoing part of my morning routine!

Suzan McCreadie
May 19, 2016

How can You Benefit with Cocobaci?

You know that tired, headachy blegh-feeling we all have? This is most likely caused by toxins in the body, creating havoc everywhere it goes via your lymphatic system, entering every cell organ and body system. Toxins alter your natural pH, makes you feel tired and even more prone to illness. Our foods are contaminated with pesticides, we drink a bit too much sometimes, some smoke and eat junk food.. Now, that is quite enough to have a negative effect on your health.

Cocobaci is in itself, a deep body cleanse, using natural ingredients that benefit the body (and teeth!) in more ways than one.

To excel in your detoxification, we also recommend drinking plenty of water, eating clean, flossing and doing an exercise you love.

15 Day Oil Pulling Program

Whiter, Brighter, Healthier teeth in 15 days, guaranteed!

Just how easy is it to use Cocobaci?
Well, you just need a few minutes

1. Open the sachet
2.Squeeze the contents out into your mouth
3.Swirl it around for 10 minutes
4.Spit it out!
6.Repeat the 15 days programme
7.Admire your beautiful smile and feel great that you have done your bit towards great health!

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