Better pH = whiter, brighter, stronger teeth

Better pH = whiter, brighter, stronger teeth

Better pH for stronger teeth

Achieving the perfect pH is not only important to grow your tomatoes. In fact, when it comes to your teeth, maintaining the pH level within your mouth is an important factor in determining your dental health. While having low pH means your rating is too acidic, it may also be that sometimes it can be too alkaline, which means having a high pH. It’s also true that your mouth can be both alkaline and acidic simultaneously, and the trick is just to get that balance right on your way to achieving whole-mouth perfect health and pearly white teeth.

You are what you eat…

Now, certain foods alter pH depending on their degree of acidity or alkalinity, and therefore it would serve you right in knowing which foods to look out for in an attempt to avoid tooth decay. Simply put, the pH of your mouth is important because it determines whether teeth are being ‘broken down’ or ‘built up’. Crystallized minerals build up your teeth when the pH is relatively high and demineralizes with it is low. And so, at the end of the day, the pH of your mouth determines how strong your teeth essentially are and also how susceptible you are to tooth decay. Now, what you really want is for your saliva to be more alkaline (low pH), and abiding by the right eating habits greatly influence these levels in your mouth. Want to know which foods to eat and not to eat? Kindly read on…

Foods that put you at risk of tooth decay by causing your pH levels to rise include sugar (sucrose), glucose, fructose, corn syrup, brown sugar, unrefined sugar, honey, molasses, and even starch, which is found in grains, vegetables, and fruits. So lessening the intake of these foods and of course, keeping the mouth clean is an important step in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Moreover, pastries, white bread, donuts, pies, cookies, and the like, can actually be more detrimental to your teeth than what you think of as less-sticky candy. What you want to do in general is lessen the chances of your teeth becoming the victims of acid-forming bacteria.

Safe to say then, foods that have a low potential for decay (which in turn, allow your pH levels to be more alkaline) include raw vegetables, legume, dairy, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fats and oils, and tea and coffee without table sugar. Even better, if you would like to prevent tooth decay altogether by keeping your pH intact, try stocking up on foods such as cheese, nuts, shitake mushrooms, xylitol and, believe it or not – salt. Generally and logically speaking, non-commercialized and natural foods without an overload of sugar is generally better for you and your teeth.

You are what you use…

But hey, with all this pseudo-scientifically stuff being said, we also know that keeping with a strict diet is not easy. Because we know how demanding such a ‘diet’ can turn out to be, we’ve developed something that can alternatively assist you greatly. With awesome oil pulling products from Cocobaci that come in various flavours, you can improve your pH levels to become more alkalinised, avoid tooth decay and improve the general condition of your mouth all in one – without overanalysing what you eat. Although the above info on eating the right foods is certainly not be disregarded, using the ancient method of oil-pulling to help you with stronger, whiter and all-round healthier teeth comes to your rescue in any case.

Lastly but not least, remember the important link between pH levels and tooth decay – which really isn’t rocket-science! Plainly put, eat a bit healthier and/or use Cocobaci’s oil pulling products to achieve a more alkaline pH level, and the results? Whiter, brighter, healthier and stronger teeth. Be sure to try the Rasberry Kisses oil-pulling treatment today to improve your dental health by maintaining your pH level and enhancing that million-dollar smile! You can also choose from other yummee flavours like mint and lemon. Whatever way you choose to go, getting your pH has never tasted this good with a little help from Cocobaci.


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