5 Interesting Facts about Teeth Whitening

5 Interesting Facts about Teeth Whitening - By Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Program

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world today. A recent study shows that having white teeth can even make you more likely to get that job and appear younger. But, before you run to your closest dentist, give these facts about teeth whitening a read through!

Teeth are like sponges.

Did you know that your teeth have pores, just like your skin? Everything you eat or drink that contains pigment will leave a footprint. This includes coffee, tea, curries, berries, and nicotine. If it is something you consume on a regular basis, then yes, expect your pearly whites to become..not so white. Staining is a cumulative process. This means that your teeth won’t stay white forever from removing the stains only once.

Water helps!

Rinsing your mouth with water directly after eating or drinking will help wash away the pigments. This doesn’t apply to oily substances though such as nicotine. Oil dissolves into oil. This is another reason why Oil Pulling daily is a great habit to add to your lifestyle.

Sensitivity after bleaching your teeth is normal.

Although not comfortable, it does happen to almost everyone. The reason is because the bleach temporarily dehydrates the teeth. This action reduces the insulation which covers the nerve and the result of that is the sensitivity. It can take between 12 and 48 hours to feel normal inside your mouth again. More than 60% of Americans have naturally sensitive teeth. This is usually caused by damage or cracks in the teeth, genetics or thin enamel. Chemical bleaching may feel extra uncomfortable in these cases. A natural alternative may be the best option here.

Gums can be bleached too..

Some people, especially those with inflammation in the gums can see a whitening of the gums after chemical bleaching. Luckily this goes away in 24 hours as the skin inside the mouth replaces itself quite quickly. Just keep an eye on it and if it feels too uncomfortable, consult your dentist.

There is no quick fix.

One treatment, whether chemical or natural is not enough to whiten the teeth. A peroxide that promises to do that is usually false marketing. Dentists are not allowed to use a bleach percentage that can whiten drastically in one session, as the damage caused will be too much. The FDA regulates peroxide and products bought online or in a store will never contain enough bleach to give you a Hollywood smile overnight.

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11 thoughts on “5 Interesting Facts about Teeth Whitening

  1. Jack says:

    I have been using your Cool Mint flavour – fresh breath is so important to me – a bonus is that my teeth are whitening too.

  2. Ella Bloch says:

    i remember when we used to do teeth whitening at the spa, and the clients used to freak out at their white gums 😉
    so glad i discovered oil pulling

  3. Julia Areliski says:

    my sensitivity lasted much longer than that, more like two weeks! and i looked so ridiculous when i was drinking my coffee through a straw!

  4. Gadija Mohammed says:

    I’ve had teeth whitening and my gums was extremely sensitive afterwards! Also, the results of the teeth whitening only lasted about a week.

  5. Sipho Lerato says:

    This is great information, thank you. I love your products and my teeth stays white all the time

  6. Cara Hill says:

    I have super sensitive gums and teeth, that is why I can never do teeth whitening. Your product is the perfect match for me!

  7. Maddison Lee says:

    I got this as a gift and I will use it forever. I can not be happier. Love your blogs too, what great information

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